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The service agreement is one party own to Liang website. (""), the other party is own to accessors or users of liang website.Any accessors or users who access or use this site or direct and indirect to use the information on this website, means the user without modification and unconditionally accept all the terms the agreement contains.
Liang website continue to modify, supplement the terms of this agreement and various types of rules of the site and announcements posted on the website. The added terms of the agreement and all kinds of rules were announced, immediately take legal effect. If the user does not agree with the changed relevant , you must stop using "service." Log in ,continue to use the "services" means that users will accept the revised supplement the terms of the agreement and all kinds of rules. Unless explicitly stated, any that the "service" or expand the scope of the new content enhancements is governed by this agreement constraints.

Users prior to registration or use of this site should be carefully read all the terms of the service agreement, if there is any doubt, consult liang website. Original agreement as long as the user clicks on the bottom of the "confirm" button, regardless of whether the user actually read the terms of this agreement, which indicates that the user has agreed to and signed this agreement.

1.The registration provisions:

1.1 The site provides services only under the PRC law with full civil rights and civil capacity, able to independently assume civil liability of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations.

1.2 Users must agree all the terms of this agreement.If you have signed this agreement and in accordance with the requirements of this site to provide relevant information to be registered before it can become a legitimate registered users of this site.

1.3 The site for the specific use of network services through various means (including but not limited to announcements on the website, email, SMS alerts, etc.) to make any statement, notice, warning, etc. As part of this agreement, the user, such as the use of the network services, users agree that such a statement as to inform, alert content.

1.4 Where the provision of false information to the site and sign up for the user of this agreement, Liang website reserves the right to terminate the light performance of this agreement, cancel the user status.

2 services

2.1 liang website will legally registered users in the field of electronic commerce to provide one-stop service.

2.2 The liang website be adjusted according to actual conditions the range of services provided on this website, methods, length of service and so on. Telecommunications network services for the adjustment of liang, the platform will refresh the site by the way ,information is notified to the user. After adjusting for the registered customers for consumption of households is not, deemed to have accepted the light of business telecommunications network adjustment. As the business losses caused to the user to adjust the bright Information Network does not assume any responsibility.

4, the rights and obligations of registered users

4.1 User rights

Users have the right to have their own user name on this site and transaction password, and have the right to use their own user name and password to access this site at any time trading platform.

Users have the right under the provisions of this Service agreement and the relevant rules on the website on the trading platform to use this site check items of information, publishing trade information, listings, participate in online bidding items, items entered into contract for the sale with other users, evaluation of other users credit, to participate in relevant activities of the site and the right to enjoy this site provides information about other services, the specific scope of services of this website is limited.

Users on this site on the transaction process, such as transactions with other users because of a dispute, can request information network from bright to be coordinated. If you find any illegal or violation of other users of the Service Agreement, to reflect the light requirements of telecommunications networks for processing. If the user due to user-generated online transactions and other litigation or arbitration by the user to handle, light the actual situation of telecommunications networks can provide relevant information to the judiciary.

4.2 User obligation

Users provide their own obligation to register the true information, and to ensure that such e-mail address, telephone number, address, zip code and so the effectiveness and safety, to ensure that telecommunications networks and other users of light through the contact with their contact. At the same time, users also have an obligation to change the relevant information in time for the actual update the registration information.

Users to ensure that no information in the light information to others online registration or certification;

Users may not transfer in any form without permission or authorize others to use their own user name of the site, otherwise, so that all the legal responsibility borne by the registered users. If users find that their account has been illegal use of another person, shall immediately notify the bright Infonet. Caused by hacking or user negligence custody account number, password illegal use by others, bright Information Network does not assume any responsibility.

Users in the use of light information to ensure network online trading platform to trade during the observance of good faith principle, not the transaction process to take unfair competition, do not disturb the normal order of online trading, online trading is not engaged in independent acts;

Users should not be in the bright-line trading platform Infonet malicious evaluation of other users, or by improper means to improve their credit or reduce the credibility of other users;

Users in the bright-line trading platform Infonet may not publish all kinds of illegal or illegal information;

Telecommunications network users in light trading platform online trading countries may not prohibit or limit the sale of items sold, may not be sold or otherwise violate the legal rights of intellectual property items, and shall not trade against the public interests or public morals, or the light information network information that is not suitable for online sales in the light items.

Commitment to their own user information in the use of light nets all acts are to comply with national laws, regulations and relevant provisions of bright telecommunications networks and a variety of social and public interests or public morals. Any violation of any legal consequences led to the occurrence, the user will bear all their own independent name corresponding legal responsibilities;

You agree not to bright-line information for the commercial use of any data, including but not limited to light information Wangshi without the prior written approval of the to copy, disseminate information by other means, in the light of any information displayed on the Site.

You agree that bright telecommunications network to provide network services and the use of any software (including but not limited to software contained in any images, photographs, animation, video, audio, music, text, and additional procedures, with the help of accompanying material) all rights belong to the software copyright owner, without the permission of the copyright the software, users of the software may not reverse engineer, reverse compile or disassemble.

5, The rights and obligations of light telecommunications network

5.1 The obligations of light Infonet

Light maintenance of existing technology information network to the normal operation of the Internet trading platform, and enhance and improve the technology that allows users to conduct online transactions; of users registered to use trading platform with the transaction or encounter problems relating to the registration and reflect the situation in light Electronics Net respond accordingly; telecommunications network for users in the bright-line trading platform, or other misconduct that should be terminated Renhe Liang Infonet services, the bright Infonet obligation to remove information at any time, terminate services such as processing, without the consent of the user's consent; online trading platform for the special, light Infonet undertakes no obligation registration data for all users, all the transactions and other matters relating to the transactions carried out prior review, but if the following conditions, light duty based on the following different telecommunications networks to choose to retain or delete information or to stop providing services to the customers, and pursue legal liability: ② user or other third-News Network Directional Brightness on this trading platform illegal or improper conduct, light information network to non-professional traders general level of knowledge related to content standards for identification, it is clear that the contents or nature of illegal or improper behavior in the light of users during online transactions such information with other users dispute because of transactions, the request to mediate light information network from which, after examination by the brighter Infonet, Infonet light duty by e-mail to the dispute the two sides understand the situation and understand the situation with each other via e-mail notice to the other.

5.2 The right light Infonet

Telecommunications network has the right to light up the user access to data and conduct transactions, or transactions of registration data found that there is any question or doubt, have the right to ask the user to issue a notice and request correction or deletion to deal with directly; by the State effective legal instruments to confirm the user or administrative sanction wrongdoing, or bright enough information network users can be identified based on the fact that the existence of illegal conduct or violation of service agreement, Infonet bright light right where telecommunications network trading platform and web-site release published in the user's illegal; information network for the user trading platform in the light of the following types of information released, light information network without notice to the user the right to delete or take the premise of other restrictive measures, including but not limited to avoid cost for the purpose of information; to speculation the credit for the purpose of information; bright Infonet reason to believe that fraud and other malicious or false information content; bright Infonet has reason to believe or not has nothing to do with online transactions for the purpose of the transaction information; light Infonet has reason to believe there is a malicious attempt to disrupt the normal bidding or other transaction order factors information; bright Infonet has reason to believe that the information against the public interest or is likely to seriously damage the light telecommunications network and the legitimate interests of other users;

Liang Infonet granted the exclusive right to the user, the global common, permanent, free license to use the right (and the right to sublicense the rights), so bright Infonet has the right (in whole or in part) the use of , reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, perform and display all kinds of user information publicized on the website or create derivative works, or now known or later developed any form, media or technology, the above information into in other works.

You agree to provide the right light Infonet network services running in various ways during the various commercial promotion or any other type of business information (including but not limited to telecommunications network in the light of any page on the website to promote), and, Netcom Communications User agrees to accept light over electronic mail or otherwise send to the promotion of goods or other relevant business information.

6, suspension and termination of service

You agree that in the light Infonet customers when to pay service charges is not the case, the light information network can be its sole discretion for any reason (including but not limited to light information network that the user has violated this agreement in letter and spirit, or not compliance with this Agreement in letter and spirit of the act in a manner, or the user in more than 90 days time without the user's account number and password to visit the website, etc.) to terminate the user's "service" password, account (or any part thereof) or user the "service" use, and delete (no save) users in the use "services" in any information submitted. Telecommunications network can also light their own discretion, in the notice or without notice, at any time cease to provide "service" or any part thereof. Account termination, Leung News Network has no obligation to retain the original user account or related to any information, or forward not read or send any information to the user or third parties. In addition, the user agrees not to terminate the light information network user access "service" and the user or any third party any liability;

If the user off to the bright light Infonet Infonet proposed registered user identity, verification and approval by the light Infonet, Infonet off by the light of the registered user, the user is discharged and the light service agreements between telecommunications networks, but users in the bright-line inquiry purchased services costs are not refundable. Off the user account, the light retains the following rights information network:

① user logs off, the light Infonet up the right to retain the user's data and records of previous transactions.

② After the user logs off, as users log off before the hearing in light trading platform network wrongdoing or breach of contract, light Infonet Services Agreement may exercise the rights provided;

In the following cases, the light off the user through the information network to terminate services:

① In the User's violation of relevant provisions of the service agreement, the brighter the right to terminate information network to the users. However, if the user is bright in the provision of services after the termination of telecommunications networks, once again, directly or indirectly or on behalf of another person registered as a telecommunications network users bright, bright once again have the right to unilaterally terminate the telecommunications network to provide services to the users;

② If the light had Netcom provides information and user contact information, we found that users entered when registering for e-mail no longer exists or can not receive e-mail, the bright network to other contact information to notify the user to change the user in three working days of failure to provide a new e-mail address, or the light information to the user's network could not be contacted, light the right to terminate telecommunications network to provide services to the user;

③ News Network found that once the light in the main content of user registration data is false, and light information to the user network reserves the right to terminate the provision of services;

④ of the Service Agreement is terminated or updated, the user will not accept the new express service agreements;

⑤ users in the use of light information network to provide services not provided for net payments to the light information corresponding service charges;

⑥ Other information network that need to light the case of termination of service.

Service interruption, termination by the user before processing transactions for user in violation of laws and regulations or in violation of service agreement, which results in light Infonet interruption, termination of customer service, for service interruptions, the user before termination of transactions in accordance with the following principles:

① service interruption, prior to the termination, users have uploaded to the bright objects Infonet network has not yet trading or completion of the transaction, the bright Infonet have the right to interrupt, terminate the service at the same information to delete this article;

② service interruption, prior to the termination, the user has to other users to make an offer for sale of specific items, but the transaction is not over yet, light information network service interruption or termination of the right to delete the user, while the relevant offer;

③ service interruption, prior to the termination, the user has specific transaction with another user agreement, Infonet can not remove the light of the transaction, but the bright Infonet have the right to interrupt, terminate the services while the user is interrupted or terminated Service inform the user of the counterparty. Was interrupted, the user has terminated the bright service fees paid by telecommunications networks, telecommunications networks should be lit according to the user is interrupted, the reasons for termination of service to determine whether the refund of user fees, such as changes due to light Infonet Services Agreement expressly does not accept user lead to service interruption or termination of light information network will actually use the light in accordance with the network services by the telecommunications service fee deducted the remaining fee after the return to the user, but users of the original invoice shall purchase gift services gifts or services returned to light information network.

7 Privacy Policy

7.1 Scope of application:

① lit up in the user account information network, the user requests for the bright Infonet personal registration information;

② In light telecommunications network service users to participate in light activities of the network information, or visit the web page information light, the light automatically receive and record information network of the user's browser on the server value, including but not limited to, IP addresses and other data and user requirements access to the Web History;

③ light users of information networks to collect information network in the light of the relevant transaction data, including but not limited to bid, purchase, listing, credit evaluation and compliance records;

④ light information through legal means Netcom obtain from business partners, users of personal data.

7.2 Information Use:

① light Infonet will not sell or rent any user's personal information, except with the prior permission of the user.

② light information network will not allow any third party by any means to collect, edit, sell or disseminate your personal information free of charge. If any user engaged in these activities, once discovered, the right to immediately terminate the light Infonet's service agreement with the user to shut down the account.

③ The purpose of the service users, light users through the use of telecommunications networks may be personal information, provide services to users, including but not limited to products and services issued by the user, or telecommunications network partners and bright so that they can share information relevant to the user to send their products and services (the latter requires the prior consent of the user).

7.3 Information Disclosure:

User's personal information will be part or all of the following circumstances be disclosed:

① your consent, disclosed to third parties;

② If the user is the owner of intellectual property rights and has filed complaints, the complainant should be required to disclose complaint to the rights of both parties to deal with possible disputes;

③ According to the relevant provisions of the law, or administrative or judicial requirements, to the third party or the executive, judicial disclosure;

④ If the user appears in violation of Chinese laws or site policy, requiring disclosure to third parties;

⑤ required to provide your products and services, and must share your personal information third parties;

⑥ Other bright Infonet website under the law or policy that the appropriate disclosure;

⑦ created in the bright-line telecommunications network in a particular transaction, such transaction or part of any party to fulfill obligations and carry out the transaction information request made, bright Infonet has full power to decide to provide its trading each other's contact details and other necessary information to facilitate the completion of transactions or disputes.

7.4 Information Security:

① light Infonet and user accounts will have password protection, you should keep the user's account and password information;

② telecommunications network services in the use of bright-line transactions, the user inevitably to the potential transaction counterparties or other party to provide their personal information, such as contact or postal address. Requests the user to properly protect their personal information, the case only when necessary to others;

③ If you find that your personal information leakage, especially bright network account and password information leaks, please immediately contact the user bright Infonet customer service, so bright Infonet take corresponding measures.

8, system interruption or failure of the system is not working because of the following conditions, so that users can not use the service, light Infonet assume liability for damages to the user, including but not limited to:

① light Infonet set during the system down for maintenance.

② telecommunication equipment failures can not be data transmission.

③ due to typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, power outages, war, terrorist attacks and other force majeure factors, resulting in barriers to light information network system can not perform operations.

④ as hacker attacks, or failure of the telecommunications sector technical adjustments, the website upgrade, the bank issues and other reasons caused by service interruptions or delays.

9 Disclaimer

9.1 Link "service" or a third party may provide links to other websites or resources. News Network does not control the light of such sites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that the light information to outside web sites are not responsible for the availability or resources and does not recognized such websites or resources, or available from such sites or access to resources of any content, information, products, services or other material, nor its other responsible or bear any responsibility. Users further acknowledge and agree that any use of or reliance on such sites or resources from access to such content, information, products, services or other materials caused by (or claimed to result in) any direct or indirect losses were light Infonet not liable.

9.2 No agent network users and light information only independent contractors. The agreement has no intention to form or create any agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchisor and was awarded the relationship. Therefore, the user information through the bright network and other users of the legal relationship established by the two sides can not light any legal effect Infonet.

9.3 The user expressly agrees at his own risk the use of light Infonet network services risks will be fully borne by themselves; its use of bright Infonet network services for all consequences arising from its own expense, the user is not bright Infonet bear any responsibility.

10 Other

10.1 Web site activities from time to time will be present a variety of site activity. If such activities involve earned or accumulated points or other valuable things, this site (based on the records of this Web site) to determine the number of points shall be final and conclusive. If the dispute to the site decision is final,the website reserves the activities during the event is indeed the right to alter and amend the terms on the right. You agree and accept, in the promotion of activities to do in any number of goods as may be, subject to availability, and if such goods subject to third-party consent, you agree to and accept only the third in the bottom of consent provide such goods.

10.2 The notice served under this agreement and all notices may be announced through the important pages, e-mail or regular mail to send other way; the date of dispatch of such notice has been served as recipients.

10.3 This agreement is governed by the law, implementation and interpretation and dispute settlement should apply the laws of China. If the two sides on the implementation of this agreement or any dispute, both sides should be settled through friendly consultations; negotiation fails, either party may apply to the bright people Infonet domicile court.

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