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Welcome you to visit Liang website(hereinafter referred to this site), when you access or use this site, you must carefully read this Legal Notice. Once you access this website in any way, directly or indirectly use the information on this website, you are without modification and unconditionally accept the statement contained all the terms (including but not limited to the actual situation on the website under the terms of the modified supplement and the corresponding circular), and to comply with the Internet and / or this website relevant laws, regulations and rules.

1.The information on this site

The information on the web site users and their products and the corresponding services (including but not limited to company name, contact person and contact information, product descriptions and instructions, related images, video, etc.) by user-provided information , the user shall bear all of its legal responsibilities. This information on this website and related information on the accuracy, completeness, legality or authenticity shall not bear any legal responsibility. Meanwhile, the use of this website or provide any information on this website for commercial activities shall not bear any risk of legal liability. Obligation to protect the site registered users to log on this website legal information, but Ruoyin their own reasons to registered users failed to "Liang Infonet Services Agreement" in the requirement to use information to ensure information security or disclosure of information is available in the state, the site does not bear any legal responsibility.

Without the written permission of the legitimate rights of others, any person who is prohibited product images on this site. Any unauthorized use of this site violate the image may bear international law, trademark law, privacy law, communications, telecommunications and other laws and regulations.

Visitors can download the information displayed on this site, but the information only for personal study and research use, shall not be used for any commercial purposes.Whether or not ,the data is on the express.All such information are protected by copyright laws. Browse this site and did not get their explicit written consent of the copyright owner, may not distribute, modify, distribute, reuse, re-transmission or use of this website for any public commercial purposes.

2, site uses

Part of this site may not be any of its reconstruction, reproduction, copying, trading, or for any unauthorized commercial purpose of the website used by permission. If the Web site to determine customer behavior, illegal or detrimental to the interests of its Web site and business, this site will be retained and its affiliates, including but not limited to denial of service, freezing the user's proprietary account, and / or cancel the order right.

3, comments and online forum

Any opinions expressed on this website are purely of personal opinions and do not represent the website, the website operator or the site associated company. Therefore the legal responsibility of the individual.

4, the operating rules

The following terms and provisions described above are applicable to this website forum, discussion groups, chat groups, bulletin boards, and any occurrence mutual influence behavior on the site area.Internet user use ,access or participation in any area or site of mutual influence with other regions, are agree to all these terms. Your participation in online communications occurs in real time, from this website without any editing, compression, or any other form of control. This site can not and does not screen all content provided by website users. However, this site reserves the right to monitor content on this site right, and that this website has a danger of the controversial nature of the rules or violate the right to remove other content. In order to provide users of this site to meet the needs of high-value information services, and to avoid the site subject to the rights of others because of the false, malicious attacks or other harmful statements caused the loss, the site is necessary to establish the following rules to avoid the website abuse.

When you use the Service, you may not:

1) Paste or transmit any unlawful, threatening, defamatory, derogatory, revenge, profane, or any other information prohibited by law, including but not limited to the dissemination of any crime or violation of inflammatory encourage civic duty or any other violation of local laws and regulations, national laws, regulations or international laws, practices or contents of the Convention.

2) Paste or any other communication of any dissemination of private events, paste or spread a virus, or any feature with a derogatory or damaging content;

3) paste or spread of any possible infringement of property rights of others, data, graphics or procedures, including the use of unregistered illegal forms of copyright text, graphics or programs, trade secrets and other confidential information, trademarks, service marks, etc.;

4) any form of interference to other users of this site

5 Disclaimer

This website special declaration on the following matters do not bear any legal responsibility:

(A) of this website statement, you use the site, and this site related to any content, services, or other sites linked to this site, content not to make direct, indirect, statutory, contractual guarantee.

(B) for the special nature of the web services, this site does not guarantee network services will meet your requirements, do not guarantee network services will not be interrupted, the timeliness of network services, security, accuracy can not be guaranteed. For any reason, the network service interruptions caused by the loss to you, this site does not bear any legal responsibility.

(C) Regardless of any reason (including but not limited to, negligence reason), to you or any person through the use of this website information or by the website link, or other sites linked to this website information leading to the loss or damage (including direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, such as loss of income or profit, the computer system of the consequences of damage or loss of data, etc.), the responsibility borne by the users (including, without limitation, negligence). Users of this site is that this site agree to assume all risks, as the website, the website operator or the site affiliates did not participate in the construction, production or development of the site or provide content to the user stored on this site a result of information obtained for any direct, relevant, consequential, indirect or financial loss does not bear any responsibility.

6, copyright and trademarks

This website all rights reservedis to owner who run this website . All worldwide rights are protected by law, unless the label or in such other terms and rules are allowed to use, this site can be read and see all the information are protected by intellectual property laws.

"Bright Information Network" and bright Infonet LOGO are trademarks or logos on this website providers of goods and services operation trademarks and trade names. All other providers of this web site does not claim rights to run the trademarks and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners or registered trademarks of, not access to this site or other on this site have the right to use the trademark of a third party with the written consent of the site should not be construed as authorizing the use of this site is displayed on any trademarks.

7.Applicable law

This website is operated by Liang website. operation and control of legal norms applicable to the PRC.

8 the site of the statement and its right to amend, update and final interpretation are Liang website.

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